What do you need to prepare for my home cleanup?
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What do you need to prepare for my home cleanup?

Whether you use the weekend to clean your home. Or cleaning your floors for the upcoming holidays. You'll need a few good tools.

At GoldColin, we have a wide range of options for you, whether for carpets, sofas, or flooring, tiles and windows. We can provide the corresponding tools.

What mop is best for quick cleaning?

When you want to cover your floor quickly with a mop, you need a large sized mop. GoldColin's industrial mop is the perfect solution to this dilemma. The large size mop head is not only suitable for shopping malls, but also works great for home use. It only takes a few minutes to finish cleaning your floor after you have removed the debris from the floor.

In addition to the need for quick cleaning, of course. We also need a mop that can turn flexibly and can go deep under the sofa to clean the garbage we can't see.Our home mop supports 180° rotation, and the extended handle allows you to easily remove the trash under the sofa. And, the flexible mop head doesn't miss the trash in the corners. It is essential for deep household cleaning.

GoldColin's industrial mops and household mops have mop cloths that support washing and reuse to reduce the cost of use. And the cleaning effect is very good, you can easily wash off the dirt.

How do I clean my carpet and sofa?

The pet hair everywhere on the carpet must be a worry for every pet family. It takes a lot of time every day to remove the hair stuck inside the carpet, and the results are not particularly good.Many people may hire a professional to help clean up on a regular basis, but there is a large fee to pay.

GoldColin has designed and launched a carpet brush for this purpose, which can easily remove pet hair from the carpet, and the multi-section handle design allows you to cope with various scenarios. No need to bend down, you can get your carpet back as good as new in a short time.

The matching set also has a handheld brush, which is very convenient for cleaning pet hair on sofas and bed sheets. The soft TPR brush head attracts the hair while cleaning and easily gathers the scattered hair.

Cleaning is very easy, just put it underwater for rinsing, the hair caught in it will fall off with the water.

How do you clean your windows?

For home cleaning, window cleaning is also essential. GoldColin combines these two tools into one set, the handheld handle is very convenient for regular home window cleaning, the microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to clean the window dirt, and then the reverse side is scraped with a window scraper to remove the remaining water, and finally replaced with our chenille cleaning cloth to absorb water.

Some single-family houses may have floor-to-ceiling windows that require ladders for cleaning, which can be dangerous and troublesome. goldColin's window wipers are equipped with a four-section extension pole that can be installed on top of the handheld handle without removing it, and can be used at different heights at will. It is easy to clean the glass at high places even when standing on the ground.

GoldColin specializes in a variety of household cleaning tools and pet cleaning tools. We believe there must be an item in our store that you need. Please enter our store and enjoy shopping. We are constantly offering special offers, and more new products are being produced and will be released one by one. Please pay attention to us!


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